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Terms of Service Terms of Service For GoCaravanRentals.com

GoCaravanRentals.com is an independent website that has no affiliation to any caravan park operators or any booking/letting agents.

All caravans that appear on this site are privately owned and are not owned by GoCaravanRentals.com.

The aim of this website is to give static caravan owners a place to advertise their static caravans for rent and to give the best service possible. To allow this, we reserve the right to amend any data submitted if we feel the quality of data isn’t of sufficient quality without prior notification.

Any advertisements on GoCaravanRentals.com are carried on the assumption that they comply with the Trade and Description Act 1968 and 1972, the Consumer Act 1987 and any other applicable regulations. GoCaravanRentals.com also reserves the right to decline or reject any application to GoCaravanRentals.com at any time, without assigning a reason. Unfortunately we cannot give any refunds after payment has been made. The advertiser will be responsible for and shall indemnify GoCaravanRentals.com against all losses, damages, costs and expenses by reason or account of any libel or infringement of copyright due to copy and/or photographs supplied by the advertiser to GoCaravanRentals.com. In the event that GoCaravanRentals.com is found liable to pay damages, costs or expenses, the advertisers will be liable to pay the same amount to GoCaravanRentals.com.

It remains the responsibility of the advertiser to keep all data up to date and GoCaravanRentals.com cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy published but endeavour to make any amendments needed upon contact from the advertiser.

All residents and occupants must adhere to all park regulations, which can be obtained from the parks direct or from the advertisers. All listings are to run for a minimum of twelve months and renewals shall occur on the first day of the month after purchase on the following year. For example if an advertisement is placed on the 4th January 2024, payment for the following twelve months will be required on the 1 February 2024. The first twelve months payment is due upon publication of advertisement.

By advertising your caravan on GoCaravanRentals.com you agree to recieve periodical emails about our services.

All information, logos and images place on this site, with the exception of affiliated logos and images, and copyright 2024 GoCaravanRentals.com

GoCaravanRentals.com is not affiliated with any of the caravans advertised or their respective owners and we take no responsibility for any holidays which are booked as a result of information on this site.