Increase Bookings for Static Caravans

Increase Bookings for Static Caravans Increase Bookings for Static Caravans

Increase Bookings for Static Caravans

Get your own domain

For around £3- £4 per year you can purchase your own domains name and ‘forward’ it to your listing. This basically means that, for example, if a potential client types in their address bar they are taken automatically to your listing on and will get to view all of the details of your caravans and of course how to contact you.

Please contact us if you want any more information on this subject

Online Classifieds

There are many online classified websites that work in much the same way as offline classifieds. Usually free, you can place a small advert which of course will advertise your caravan for hire. On most, if not all of these classifieds, you can include a link to your website (listing).

There are a wide range of classifieds websites listed to the right of this article but here are some of the most popular.

Window Signs

I’m sure that many off you have sign advertising your caravan for hire in the window of your static caravan. This is of course a tried and tested way of getting holidaymakers to see that your static caravan is available for hire.

The main problem with this type of advertising is getting people to remember your contact details. Unless they are carrying a pen and piece of paper the chances are that they won’t remember your phone number, however they may remember our domain. If they do they will then search the site for caravans on your park and should find your caravan relatively simply. So why not add our domain or the address of you listing on your window advert.

By having your own memorable domain (see top of page) and by adding the domain to your window advert you again increase the chances of any holidaymakers been able to contact you.

Newspaper/Magazine Classifieds

There are many local newspapers and travel/caravan/local magazines that have a classified section and are perfect for advertising your static caravan for hire in.

I’m sure that many of you already do this but do your include your listings address in your advert?

As with most classified ads you are only allowed a small amount of words or have to pay for extra words, by including the address of your listing potential clients can get all of the extra information they need and of course contact you.

This not only means that you won’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over again but you more of the people who contact you should be serious about renting your static caravan.


I know that this may be seen as a dated method but if you do it in the right manner placing an advert in a newsagent’s window can still be effective.

To make your advert as effective as possible try to place ads in the window of newsagents in the areas where your customers come from.

If you don’t live near the area where your customers come from use to find newsagents, give them a ring for prices etc and post your advert and payment.

Again to maximise your listing exposure you will want to include your listings address or the domain name you have bought.

These are just a few of the many ways you can help us help you by increasing the exposure of your listing here on is not affiliated with any of the caravans advertised or their respective owners and we take no responsibility for any holidays which are booked as a result of information on this site.