FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I book a holiday on your site?

A. To book a holiday in one of the caravans on our site, please contact the owner of the caravan directly. Contact details can be found at the bottom of every listing.

Q. What happens if I cannot contact the owner(s)?

A. We provide contact details to every owner on their listing. If you are struggling to contact the owners we will do so on your behalf.

Q. Do you charge a fee to book a caravan?

A. We do not charge any booking fees.

Q. Am I allowed to bring my pet with me on holiday?

A. We do have a selection of caravans that do allow pets which can be found here. Please check before booking if your pet is allowed.

Q. Do you allow smoking in your holiday caravans?

A. We do have a selection of caravans that do allow smoking which can be found here. Please check at time of booking.

Q. Do you allow same sex groups?

A. We do have a selection of caravans that allow same sex groups which can be found here. Please check before booking.


Q. How do I add a caravan?

A. Simply visit our submission section and follow the instructions there.

Q. How much does it cost to add my caravan?

A. The current price to add 1 caravan is £30 a year or less than 58p a week. We give huge discounts and added bonuses to those who add more than 1 caravan. Please see our submission pages.

Q. What payment options are their?

A. We highly recommend using PayPal to pay for your advertisement. PayPal is a safe and secure method of paying online.

However payment can also be made by cheque. Full payment details will be given when you are happy with your listing.

Q. What can I include in my listing?

A. We believe that each owner knows there caravan better than anybody else, so if you would like to include something on your listing that isn't currently in use, we will try our best to accommodate any requests.

Q. How do I receive bookings?

A. To make a booking, customer contact owner directly  from the contact details that appear on each listing.

Each owners contact details appear on the bottom of each listing in a clearly defined area. Each owner can choose what contact details appearon their listing from a choice of;

Phone Number, Mobile Number, Email Address, Postal Address and URL.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. We do not currently give refunds unless it is removed your listing with 7 days of it appearing on our site. However, we do not take any payment from you before you have seen your listing live on our website.


Q. Are all of the caravans listed on this site owned by your company?

A. No, we do not own any of the vans listed on this site, they are all owned by private owners, who you need to contact for further details.

Q. How can I advertise on your website?

A. If you would like to advertise on GoCaravanRentals.com please contact us with your requirements.

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GoCaravanRentals.com is not affiliated with any of the caravans advertised or their respective owners and we take no responsibility for any holidays which are booked as a result of information on this site.