Planning Ahead For a Safe Caravan Trip

Planning Ahead For a Safe Caravan Trip Planning Ahead For a Safe Caravan Trip

Planning Ahead For a Safe Caravan Trip

Travelling in a caravan is the best way to see nature and other sights when on a holiday. It removes the necessity for hotel reservations, allows you to spend as much or as little time in any given place as you like and drastically reduces the cost of food while on holiday. Planning ahead for your caravan trip including buying the right motorhome insurance can mean the difference between a smooth-running holiday and a nightmare.

Planning usually means spending some time thinking about your holiday and making some lists. A good map of your route and a GPS system should be first on the list. Next, make sure your caravan is road-ready. Check that the spare tyre is in good shape and that you have the right tools for changing a tyre. Pack enough flares for emergencies. It is wise to get roadside help included in your travel insurance, because towing can be expensive. Getting security devices such as a tracking system and hitch locks can reduce insurance premiums.

Some things that should be checked in the engine and body of the campervan before starting out are:

• Brakes
• Suspension
• Tyres
• Bearings
• Lights
• Electrics
• Appliances
• Power lead

Some basic spares should also be brought on the trip:

• Fan belt and other belts
• Spark plugs
• Engine oil
• Coolant
• Insulating tape
• Electrical wire
• Radiator hoses
• 12V fuses
• Tools including a jack, screwdrivers, spanners, wheel blocks

Every campervan should have an up-to-date first aid kit. Medicines should not be expired, bandages should be dry and it should also contain:

• Aspirin
• Prescription medication required
• Thermometers
• Antibiotic cream
• Insect repellent
• Lighters and matches
• OTC pain killers and indigestion medicine

Snacks are a necessary item and can be expensive when purchased from small convenience marts. Snacks, soda and water and sandwich items should be available at all times for the travellers. They can be purchased in large grocery stores when you get to big cities. This will save a lot of money on food.

Make sure there is the proper clothing for each person travelling that will be suitable for different types of weather. Jackets, sweaters, blankets and hats for the time you are at high altitudes and shorts and T-shirts for sunny days. The clothing will depend on the season you are travelling and the places you plan to visit.

If children are travelling, games are important. Toy companies often make smaller versions of games for travel. A laptop or portable DVD player for movies is also good if children will be riding in a campervan or car for long stretches. A laptop will also help you stay connected if you choose a campervan site that offers wireless internet access. Make sure you have the proper connections to keep batteries charged.

For a lengthy trip, it is wise to look at a map and plot how far you plan to drive in one day. This will not only depend on the mileage, but also on the type of road. It may also help to research caravan parks on your route. You can check their prices and ask for discounts. You will be able to travel farther on good roads. Many roads that lead to natural sites are not easy to drive. is not affiliated with any of the caravans advertised or their respective owners and we take no responsibility for any holidays which are booked as a result of information on this site.